SudoCube Screenshot

I had an idea a few weeks ago to merge a rubix cube and a sudoku puzzle. Now this has been done before - but I had a different plan. Instead of taking a standard rubix cube and putting numbers on it, I decided to take a standard sudoku puzzle and give it a twist!

A completed Sudoku board is generated, then shuffled some number of times. Your goal is then to restore the board to a proper solution to a sudoku puzzle. Click the 'About' option in the game for a little more info.

It's not very flashy, but it works, and it's an interesting challenge, even I think for those of you who consider yourself very good at either of these puzzles. To run the game, download the file and double click on it, it should just run. If it doesn't, you may need to install Java. I plan to fix this so it's either an applet or a JNLP instead of a Jar file, but for now this is the easiest way to distribute it.

Play: SudoCube
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