jGrep - Graphical utility for searching files

Grep is a great tool for searching for text in files (and lots more!), but it's a command line tool. This does have many advantages, but it has two disadvantages also. First, you're limited to the text output, and have to rerun the command to see different output, and second, the command line and command line programs have a steep learning curve, especially for Windows users, who have likely never even used cmd before, and wouldn't want to.

So I built jGrep, a cross-platform graphical file search utility, modeled after Grep, but built from the ground up in Java. It lets you quickly search for either a string of text or matches to a regular expression in a single file or a directory, in an easy and intuitive user interface. Additional features include a powerful find/replace utility and the ability to save and load past searches.

There already are some similar programs on the market, including Windows Grep, which does the job, but has a near-unusable interface. This is what inspired me to build jGrep, as a replacement for this tool, one which gives you the power of Grep in an easy graphical interface. Originally, this was just a fun little weekend project, but since having built it, I find myself using it on all sorts of projects, every day. I didn't know I missed it, but now that I'm using it, it's invaluable.

jGrep is perfect for:

  • Searching source code
  • Exploring logs, like chat logs or server logs
  • Updating content, like dead links in websites
  • Any time you've wished you could find text in a large set of files

Future features

Potential features in later releases include:

  • Selecting multiple files to search from
  • Additional filters, like file age and subdirectory path
  • Save match contents to a file
  • Parse more complex files, like Microsoft Office

If any of these features interest you, send me an email and I'll try to get right on it.


You can use jGrep 1.0.2 several different ways:

Source Code

And the source code is available and released under the GPL. Call:
git clone https://github.com/dimo414/jgrep.git
To download the code base.

I hope this is useful to you, as it has been for me. If you have any problems or suggestions for ways to make this better, your feedback is welcome.