A Self Contained PHP User Management

The idea behind this script was to make an advanced version of my Simple Login Script that would allow for multiple users, rather than just one. Of course, to build something that could only lock pages, and still have all the overhead of a full user management application, seemed quite useless to me. So instead, I built the UserManager class, a self contained, database independent, customizable, and fully functional user management script. There's a full rundown of the features in the included readme file, but here are the major highlights:

  • Multiple (and customizable) user permission levels.
  • Completely customizable storage fields, to fit whatever needs your website has.
  • Fully self contained, including a built in user manager front end.
  • No database required, drop into any website and use the XML backend to manage users
  • Or use the MySQL backend to utilize a preexisting database

Please leave any feedback about this script on its blog entry.

Download: UserManager 1.5
Size: 17.1kb