Simple User Authentication in PHP

I have built several different ways of authenticating visitors to your website, targeting different use cases from simply locking a page all the way up to a very powerful user manager.

Page Locker

The simplest tool prompts only for a password, and once that password has been entered, the page displays as normal for the remainder of the session. This script is intended to let only those who know the password access a page, for instance students in a class or other minimum-security applications.

Simple User Authentication

Slightly more powerful and secure than Page Locker, this prompts for a username and password, and is perfect for a small admin panel or other system that will only have one user logging in. Both this and Page Locker will stay logged in for the remainder of the session and will carry over to other pages on the same site with the same authentication, making locking multiple pages easy and painless for users.


The most powerful (by far), UserManager is a fully functional, entirely self contained user management tool - include it in your website and you're immediately all set to create and operate a user-powered website, with custom data points (such as real name and email address) that you can define. The UserManager runs either with a MySQL backend, if you're already using a database, or with an XML backend if you don't want to have to set one up.