This page contains a set of freely available tools, primarily for PHP and Java, which I've put together over the past few years. Any code available in this section is licensed for public use, see the site license for more details.

jGrep - Graphical In-File Search

Grep is a great tool for searching for text in files, but doesn't come with Windows. Alternatives exist for Windows users, but I've tried a couple and not been very impressed. I built jGrep to make browsing files intuitive and painless, but I had no idea how useful it would be. Since building it, I find myself regularly firing it up on whatever project I'm working on, nearly every day.

PHP: Simple Login and Authentication Scripts

I know the internet is already overflowing with 'Simple Login Scripts' and the like, but I figure I should get my day in the sun too, and I honestly think you'll like what I've done. I've built now three different authentication scripts, with varying levels of complexity for different use cases, from locking a webpage all the way up to a very powerful self contained user manager.

Automatic JNLP Generator

A small little tool to make building and deploying JNLP files quick and easy. It build the XML so you don't have to, and most importantly it generates the codebase dynamically so that if the JNLP file changes servers or locations, it will still point to the correct place without you having to change it.

Secure PHP Image Uploader

I have yet to find a decent, compact, and secure image uploader and resizer for dealing with images uploaded by a user. This class makes processing, securing, resizing, duplicating and saving an image a three or four line process - totally painless.

PHP: Bitmask Utility

A lightweight bitmasking / enumeration utility for managing enumerated data in PHP easily. Not limited by the size of an integer, this class can work on bitmasks of any size.

PHP: Construct Column-Oriented Tables

A client had some fairly specific requirements for how they wanted data in a table to display, that would be difficult to code manually in HTML due to HTML tables being specified row by row. I built this tool to help resolve that problem, and more generally it makes constructing certain tables on the fly a little easier.

Java File Manager

I put together this FileManager class during my AP Computer Science class my senior year of high school. It makes reading and writing files almost completely painless - the way it ought to be for small projects (like homework) that don't want to be bothered with cruft.

Java Timer

Also built during APCS, this is a self-contained stopwatch class for timing operations in Java. It has all the functionality of a basic stopwatch.