Bits of Code

I've developed lots of little resources and snippets of code I've found interesting over the years, some of them are documented here:


The tools section is a group of simple self contained PHP and Java (primarily) resources that I've put together, they include a set of webpage authentication systems, a secure image uploader/resizer, and more. They're all freely available for private use, and likely for corporate use too, but review the individual pages and documentatation before taking them if your in a for-profit environment.


The toys section on the other hand consists of small projects I've worked on that didn't merit going in the projects section of the site, but which might not necessarily warrant being called 'tools'. Included in here is the first program I ever wrote, a javascript digital clock, and the first PHP program I ever wrote, a blackjack game - the latter of which is noteworthy for how bad an idea using PHP to play blackjack is.