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XML Web Development

Shoulda learned this ages ago...

April 15th, 2008 last updated April 15th, 2008
Posted in: PHP, XML

I promised myself I wouldn't update Digital Gemstones until I'd filed my tax returns, and now that that's finally out of the way, I've got several things to talk about, so expect more articles in the coming days. To get started, I just finished reading No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP. I've been comfortable with XHTML for many years now, and between XHTML and the RSS feed I built from scratch for the blog, I've got a strong grasp of XML as a concept. However I realized a few weeks ago that I really ought to learn more about how to work with XML. I bought XML Web Development and read it over the past week or so, and I've got to say, it was an excellent read (for a programming book, of course). While covering PHP's interaction with XML, it also addresses valid and well formed XML, XSLT, DTDs, JavaScript and XML, RSS, Web services, and the interactions between XML and databases. All in all it's an excellent introductory book, as readers will be fully capable to integrate and work with XML once finished, and any material left to learn is truly just supplemental or case-specific.

Now with a better understanding of XML, I've already got some ideas on new projects to undertake. I'm planning on making a more powerful version of my Easy User Authentication script which will allow for multiple users, possibly with multiple permission levels and maybe additional fields such as email addresses, with a built in user management page. Hopefully you'll see that roll out soon enough, and I've got some other ideas up my sleeves, so don't think I'm done yet.

Like I said, now that taxes are done with, I'll be posting several more entries in the coming weeks, so look out for that as well!

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