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December 20th, 2007 last updated December 25th, 2007

Well I know the Scripts page has been kinda stagnant for some time now, but being on break from school has given me a chance to update the site with some new code, including this blog, and upload some scripts and programs I've built for public consumption. From this point on I'll have a blog entry for each new script I upload, but for now I'll just cover what I've got real quick.

Two Java classes, a File Manager to make reading and writing to files as easy as possible, and a Timer to make timing operations and logging statistics as straightforward as working with a stopwatch.

Two PHP scripts, a basic Authentication/Login Script to lock pages such as administration pages from prying eyes, and a Secure Image Uploader which I'm calling secure because, as of yet, the brilliant folks at have yet to find a hole. Not to say that they won't, but if they do, I'll just fix it!

More will come, but that's it for now, hope you can find a use for them!

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